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Samsung Crystal UHD TVs

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Crystal UHD refers to “Ultra-High Definition,” or you may know it as “Ultra HD” or even “UHD.” Crystal UHD TVs are common among LCDs but with a 4K resolution or higher. Samsung sells their Crystal UHD TVs with “Crystal” clear 4K image processors that upscale all content to 4K. Other Crystal UHD TVs do not have this Crystal processor besides the TU8000 series.

Samsung Crystal UHD vs. QLED TVs

The Crystal UHD and QLED models are specific to Samsung. Samsung released the QLED TV with Quantum Dot technology in 2019. QLED is known for its brightness compared to LED and LCD TV. Meanwhile, in 2021, Samsung chose to turn some of their TVs into Crystal UHD. So this means that QLED TVs are considered a step above the Crystal UHD models because of the better contrast and lighting thanks to the Quantum Dot technology.

So, overall, what is the difference between Crystal UHD and QLED TVs? Let’s take a look –


QLED Samsung TV is known for its powerful processors – the Quantum Processor 4K and 8K. This processor helps improve picture quality, brightness, and sound. Now, comparing Crystal UHD – this processor is made for color during playback.


Crystal UHDs are labeled as Ultra Hi-Definition technology, giving you the 4K viewing opportunity. The number of pixels it takes depends on the screen size, giving you more or less picture quality.

On the other hand, QLED TVs offer more accurate colors, and some TVs offer 8K resolution. QLED TVs' pixels activate separately, which gives excellent color.

Both Crystal UHD and QLED models have HDR (High Dynamic Range) that calibrate white and black tones. Crystal UHDs often have the HDR10+ version, and QLEDs have HDR10+ and Q HDR.


Both Samsung Crystal UHD and QLED TVs offer the Q Series speakers and sound bards, which helps produce surround sound with the Q Symphony technology. These TVs also offer an active voice amplifier that helps control the volume, making your music clear even with background noise.

Both Samsung Crystal UHD and QLED TVs have Adaptive Sound Technology. This is where the TV is made to consider the environment you are watching TV and adjust the sound to help match it. This gives you excellent sound quality.

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