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Front Control Dishwashers for Sale

If it has been a while since you have shopped for dishwashers, you will find that they are not the same as they used to be. Not only do they clean your dishes, but now there are many more features like built-in sensors to determine the dirtiness of your dishes. Also, dishwashers come in a variety of settings and rack configurations. There are many things to consider when buying a new dishwasher. At Conn’s HomePlus, we offer several options for front control dishwashers.

Front Control vs. Top Control Dishwasher

A front control dishwasher will have your control buttons on the door's front. Typically, front control dishwashers have a pocket handle allowing your dishwasher to stay flush with your cabinets.

Top control dishwashers have the controls hidden on the top of the dishwasher door. Since the buttons are hidden, this allows for a seamless and sleek look in your kitchen.

Pros and Cons of a Front Control Dishwasher

Front control dishwashers are your typical dishwasher. The buttons are found on the front of the door and are easy to operate. However, there are some cons to these dishwashers.


Classic Look – front control dishwashers have changed from knobs to full-on touchscreen panels over the years.

Inexpensive Options – you can get a basic inexpensive dishwasher with the controls on the front door for a few hundred dollars. Integrated dishwashers tend to be a little more expensive.

You Can See the Buttons – with the buttons on the front, and you can tell when the load has finished – typically, there is a countdown on the display screen. It can be harder to determine if your cycle is complete with integrated models.


The Buttons are Visible – while some like the buttons on the front where you can see them – others like the clean, seamless look, and having the buttons on the front can mess that up.

Buttons Can Be Pushed Easier – this is especially true if you have younger children or smaller walkways in front of the dishwasher. With a front control dishwasher, even the smallest bump can change the rinse cycle or restart the machine.

Front Control Dishwasher Features

At Conn’s HomePlus, we offer a selection of front control dishwasher brands and features in all price ranges to fit your pocketbook. Below are the different brands and features you can find at Conn’s.

Dishwasher Brands

  • • GE Dishwasher

  • • LG Dishwasher

  • • Samsung Dishwasher

  • Dishwasher Features

  • • Dry Boost

  • • Steam + Sani

  • • AutoSense Wash Cycle

  • • Adjustable Upper Rack

  • • Water Leak Sensor

  • • QuadWash

  • • Dynamic Dry

  • • EasyRack Plus

  • • 3rd Rack

  • • PrintProof Finish

  • • Front Control Panel with LED Display

  • • Durable Long Lasting Hybrid Tub

  • • Leakage Sensor

  • • Adjustable Upper Rack

  • • Easy Touch Digital Controls

  • • 1 Hour Wash Cycle

Shop Conn’s HomePlus

Whether you are looking for a new dishwasher or looking to upgrade an old one – Conn’s HomePlus has you covered with the best deals on your next appliance. When choosing a dishwasher, it is important to research the available features. Do you like the sleek, seamless appearance like a top control dishwasher, or would you rather have the buttons on the front of the door like a front control dishwasher? Whatever you choose, you can find the best dishwasher at Conn’s HomePlus.

Once you’ve determined which dishwasher to add to your kitchen, let us help you afford your new appliance. Through our exclusive Conn's HomePlus Financing program, you can get prequalified instantly.