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TV Mounts

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TV Mounts for Sale

Choose from various wall and ceiling mounting options for your home theater. Whether you need something simple or the Full-Motion Wall Mount Dual Extension Arms, Conn's HomePlus has the answer at a cost that will keep you comfortable.

Wall Mount Types

When choosing the best wall mount – you can choose from a basic fixed mount or one with unlimited positioning for your TV. What you want from your mount will depend on which one is right for you. Do you want to be able to adjust the TV so you can view it from different locations in the living room? Do you want to be able to angle the TV for different viewing angles and be flush against the wall when not in use? Below are your different options.

Fixed TV Mount

A fixed TV mount is the easiest and most cost-friendly TV mount. A fixed mount puts your flat-screen TV closer to the wall than any other mount. A fixed wall mount is a good decision if you sit directly in front of your TV. You can position this mount at the perfect height and center it to where it is eye-level when you are seated.

Tilt TV Mounts

A tilting wall mount gives you vertical viewing angle adjustments. The tilt lets your flat-screen TV be spaced out from the wall – about 2”. These mounts are good for TVs above a fireplace or on a high bedroom wall. The viewing angle adjustment allows you to reduce reflections from lights or windows.

Full-Motion TV Mount

Adding a full-motion TV mount gives you side-to-side swivel adjustment as well. Full-motion TV mounts are good for rooms with more than one viewing spot – such as a living room or home theater room.

Fireplace Mounts

Mounting TVs above a fireplace has become a more popular option. But lifting your head to watch TV can later cause neck pain. With a fireplace mount, you can pull your TV out and over the mantel when you want to watch TV, so this brings your TV to eye level.

Ceiling Mounts

A regular wall mount will not work in some homes, such as brick walls. But, if you want to mount your TV, you can opt for a ceiling mount.

Things to Consider When Buying a TV Mount

Now you have decided on the type of TV mount you want – you must decide where you will put it. You want to make sure that the flat-panel TV is in the right location in your living room or bedroom. Below are some things to consider when buying your TV mount.

Location – decide where you want to put your TV. There are some things to consider when placing your TV, sunlight, furniture, and viewing angles. Once you decide on the location, you must measure to ensure that the TV will fit.

Height and Placement – measure the area where you wish to place your TV. You will need to decide on how high you want your TV.

Distance for Viewing – everyone has different opinions on the best viewing distance. Some like sitting close; others are more sensitive and prefer to sit further back. It is recommended that you multiply the digital width of your TV by 2.5 to find the best distance from seating.

Tools – before your installation, ensure you have the proper tools. Tools for installing the TV mount, such as the mounting bracket, other mounting hardware, and the proper mount type that meets the measurements for your TV.

Double Check Your Work – before fully installing your TV and mount to the wall – double-check the measurements and location to ensure this is where you want your TV.

Shop Conn’s HomePlus

A TV wall mount lets you put your TV on the wall to give you different viewing positions and the best viewing angles for your living room or bedroom. Using a TV mount makes your room feel less cluttered since you are not using an entertainment center or TV stand. Conn’s HomePlus has several mounts to choose from when you are shopping for your next TV mount. Shop online or stop by a store today.