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As a DJ, it is your job to ensure your dance floor stays full and your guests have fun. There are a lot of DJ equipment and party systems to choose from. When you are looking into buying a new DJ system or karaoke system, it can be daunting on what to choose. At Conn’s HomePlus we have some options to choose from. Whether you are looking for Bluetooth wireless speakers, a home entertainment system with karaoke and DJ effects, or a Hi-Fi entertainment system with a karaoke creator.

Essential DJ Needs

When looking at the components of common DJ equipment, keep in mind that the controller typically includes a mixer, player, and software that also has USB or iOS connections for audio. Below is a common list of DJ setups:

  • • Audio Player - such as a DJ controller, computer, mobile device, turntables, or DJ media player

  • • Audio Interface that directs the audio to external software or hardware

  • • DJ Software and controller for a computer or an iOS setup

  • • DJ Mixer if a mixer is not included in your other hardware or software

  • • Passive or power speaker system

DJ Software and Apps

Applications and software were made for a DJ to monitor mixing and apply effects and filters. This can modify the music waveforms and other tricks that you need external equipment without an application or software. Besides the basics of loading your music, DJ software gives you the playback controls and creates a virtual deck when mixing.

When considering software, you may find that some include the same or similar functions. How these functions will work for you will depend on two things:

  1. Comfort with the software's interface
  2. How well the controller manages the software

Types of DJ Gear

In the DJ world, what you choose will depend on what type of budget you have and how serious you are about DJing. If you have a lower-end budget, you may get away with using a smartphone with a DJ app, or DJ controllers with a laptop will do. While this may seem easy, there are many ways to get your DJing business up and running. Below are the many different types of DJ systems.

  • • DJ Controllers

  • • Digital Vinyl Systems (DVS)

  • • Modular Midi DJ Systems

  • • Legacy DJ Gear – such as old-style turntables / CD players and mixers

  • • Pro DJ Gear – such as a Pioneer DJ system

Shop Conn’s HomePlus today for your next DJ and karaoke system.

Shop Conn’s HomePlus

Whether you are a beginner DJ or an experienced DJ, Conn’s HomePlus has options for your next DJ and karaoke system. If you want to make new beats, spin records, and get parties started, shop Conn’s HomePlus today. If you are worried about finances, Conn’s offers to finance – get approved in minutes and go home with your new DJ system.