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Robot Vacuum Cleaners on Sale

Having a robot vacuum cleaner can help make your life easier. Robotic vacuums lower the time it takes to do chores by either sweeping, mopping or both. But you must have a suitable model for your home and budget. At Conn’s HomePlus, we offer a variety of robotic vacuums to choose from.

Robot Vacuum Features

When shopping for a new vacuum, having certain features can determine which vacuum is best for you. Do you have pets or live in an apartment with all hardwood floors? Certain vacuums work perfectly for these situations.

Sensory and Virtual Mapping

Most robotic vacuums have sensor technology that can move around your home. However, some vacuums are more advanced than others. Most robot vacuums have sensors that stop them from running into things, whereas high-end models can map out your home with laser-guided scanners of either sensors or cameras. These high-end models may also have “dirt sensors,” so they are sure to clean your floor properly and can go back over dirty or high-traffic areas.

Automated Scheduling

Most robotic vacuums have a scheduling feature to set your vacuum to work at certain times of the day or week. On some models, scheduling is done with a phone app, whereas some models need programming manually with the buttons on the vacuum.

Automatic Dirt Disposal

With most robot vacuums, they sweep, but you will have to empty the tank. However, some models will get rid of the dirt for you in their bin in the home base. These models are often more expensive.


Some vacuums clean multiple surfaces with one machine – this means it sweeps/vacuums and mops simultaneously. This feature is not for everyone, but if you are often mopping your bare floors after you vacuum, this is a feature that may help you cut down on your cleaning time.

Shop Conn’s HomePlus

Robotic vacuums allow you to take care of other chores, relax or run errands while cleaning your house. With built-in sensors to help avoid obstacles, these machines move across your floor independently with little to no help from you. At Conn’s HomePlus, we offer robotic vacuums with several features that can make cleaning much easier. Shop today in-store or online for the best robot vacuum cleaner.