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8K TVs

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8K TV is the perfect platform for big-screen TVs. Upgrade your entertainment experience with a new 8K TV from Conn's HomePlus today.

What is 8K TV Resolution?

8K TVs have six times the pixels of HD and four times the pixels of 4K. A typical 8K TV has a 7680 x 4320 resolution of more than 33 million pixels. It is easy to see the difference when watching 8K content on a big screen.

So, what exactly does 8K mean? 8k refers to screens of approximately 8,000 pixels – just as a 4K TV refers to 4,000 pixels. 8K TVs have advanced abilities to ensure the 4K and HD content looks good in the increased resolution to fit the screen. So, what does 8K mean when talking about picture quality? Traditional 35mm film is about 6K – so 8K is beyond that in detail for common film movies. IMAX is a 70mm film estimated to be about 12k, but with the digital effects, IMAX is often created in 8K.

8K TV Features

8K TVs offer different features than your more traditional 4K TVs. While there are some benefits to purchasing an 8K television, there are also some cons – how much content is available in 8K? That might be a factor before buying your next advanced TV. However, if you are ready to make your purchase, here are some features you may see when looking for an 8K television.

  • • Real 8K Resolution – you will receive excellent detail that helps draw you in.

  • • 8K AI Upscaling – this remasters the content so you can enjoy the stunning 8K detail.

  • • Quantum Processor 8K is the best processor available, which powers the Samsung TV sound, picture, and smart TV.

  • • 8K HDR – with 8K depth, this meets a dynamic range of technology, giving you the brightest colors.

  • • Full-Array Elite Backlight – with different LED zones- you can adjust the contrast between pure white and deep black.

Types of 8K TVs to Choose From

Here is a list of the top 8K TVs

  • Samsung QLED 8K TV – This well-known Samsung 8K TV gives you all the features you need and is cost-effective.

  • Sony Z9G MASTER Series LED 8K TV – This is a competitor to the Samsung above. While this TV is an LED TV and may not be as advanced as the Samsung, you are looking at saving some money and still getting great features.

  • LG 88-inch 8K OLED TV – This TV will give you some of the features as the two above – but you are getting a much larger TV.

Decide on the type of TV you are looking for – whether it be QLED, OLED, or LED – depending on the TV brand.

Shop Conn’s HomePlus

Finding and purchasing the best TV can be a tough decision – especially when there are many different options. Do you want a Smart TV, Apple TV, 8K, Samsung, or Vizio? What size TV do you need? The options seem endless. At Conn’s HomePlus, we have many options with the latest deals.

However, if you need assistance, stop by one of our Conn’s HomePlus Stores and let one of our TV Experts help you find the best 8K TV.

Not only do we offer online shopping for your convenience with fast shipping, but we also have many locations to serve your needs with same-day and next-day delivery!

Visit your local Conn’s HomePlus store to shop for your appliance needs.

Financing to meet your needs

If you need help affording the perfect television, quickly apply for Conn’s HomePlus financing online. You can get an answer instantly to purchase your new television with low monthly payments, and you can even get pre-qualified before you start shopping!

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