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Adjustable Beds for Sale

An adjustable bed can help change your position and angle when lying in bed. This works because a multi-hinge system allows you to lift and lower the upper and lower parts of the bed. Depending on the adjustable bed model, you may change the angle of the mattress according to the firmness, so your bed is how you need it. An adjustable bed is the best kind of bed for a picky sleeper. At Conn’s HomePlus, we offer different styles of adjustable beds. Shop in-store or online today and find the perfect adjustable bed for you.

Benefits of an Adjustable Bed
The main benefit of an adjustable bed is that you are in control of your bed with a simple remote. You can do that if you want to sleep more upright because you are congested. So, get rid of all those extra pillows and get a bed with better support.

Also, chronic snorers may benefit from having an adjustable bed by getting a better night’s sleep. Adjusting the bed to the perfect angle at which you sleep can allow for better circulation in your airways, reducing snoring and allowing you and others to get adequate sleep.

While everyone has different needs, adjustable beds can have some health benefits. Adjustable beds help relieve some pain and symptoms with the following conditions:

  • • Asthma

  • • Leg swelling

  • • Nighttime acid reflux

  • • Sprained joints

  • • General muscle aches

  • • Heart and circulation problems

  • • Back pain

If you have any chronic illness or condition issues, you should first speak to your doctor to see if an adjustable bed would be beneficial.

Adjustable Bed Features
It's in the name – “adjustable” – allowing you to adjust your bed to your perfect liking. You can choose many features when looking into an adjustable bed. Below are some of the adjustable features you will find.

Adjustable Features

You can adjust the:

  • • Head

  • • Feet

  • • Height

  • • Combo of all

  • • Split (different settings for each side of the bed)

Adjustable Presets

  • • Zero-Gravity – NASA invented this position as a neutral position that helps balance your weight. While in this position, your head and legs are slightly raised above your heart. This position allows stress to be relieved from your body. This position is also supposed to be a perfect position. It has many benefits, including improved circulation and mood and helping relieve back pain. Fun Fact: astronauts are placed in this position before they take off in space.

  • • Anti-Snore – this position elevates your head to help open your nasal passages to reduce snoring. Having this feature right in your hands helps reduce the time it takes to get into a comfortable position. Simply press a button and relax and fall asleep.

  • • Flat – when you press the flat preset button, the adjustable bed base of the bed will flatten as if you were on a nonadjustable bed. This is a good feature if you like the look of a flat bed when you are not in it or to help you make your bed.

  • • Custom – want a different position than what the presets allow? You can get an adjustable bed with customizable presets to make your bed your own luxury sleeping area. The amount of programmable memory presets will vary depending on the bed, so be sure to do your research before making a purchase.

Additional Features

  • • Massage Functionality

  • • Wall-Huger Technology

  • • App/Bluetooth Technology

  • • Backlit Remote

  • • Nap Timer

  • • Lumbar Support

  • • MicroHook Technology

Shop Conn’s HomePlus

So, you’re sold – the adjustable bed is what you have been looking for? Great! Conn’s HomePlus offers different options for adjustable beds at affordable prices. You can shop online or find a store near you and take home the best adjustable bed for you. Are you worried about financing and credit score? Conn’s offers special financing options for customers and those with less-than-perfect credit scores. Apply today and get approved within minutes. *

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