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Kids Bedroom Sets

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Kid’s Bedroom Sets for Sale

Your child’s bedroom is not just for sleeping – this is a place where they can play, dream, create, and explore. You can create a soothing and stimulating room that reflects your child’s needs and interests. At Conn’s HomePlus, we offer a selection of collections that you and your child will love. The sets offered at Conn’s HomePlus are made of high-quality materials meant to last. Your purchase of your kid’s bedroom set is meant to be enjoyed for years. Check out Conn’s HomePlus for your kid’s bedroom at affordable prices.

The Basics of Bedroom Furniture Sets

Treat your child to a comfortable night’s sleep with a beautiful new bedroom set of their liking. Whether you are interested in a new bed set or a makeup vanity, Conn’s has what you need. You will find great deals at Conn’s for bedroom furniture sets. Below are some basics of kid’s bedroom furniture sets.

Headboard and Footboard

A headboard and footboard are often included in a child’s bedroom set. These are traditional and can come in a simple design or something more elaborate, depending on your child’s bedroom theme. Headboards and footboards can be stylized and have different storage options, such as drawers, cabinets, and shelves.


Nightstands are essential for any bedroom. A kid’s nightstand can help complete the bedroom look and give you convenience. A kid’s nightstand often comes with drawers, shelves, or cupboards to help keep your room organized.


A kids’ bedroom set typically comes with a dresser or chest of drawers, which are made to help maximize the storage in your room. A dresser is a wide short piece of furniture with two to three rows of drawers, and a chest of drawers is typically taller and only has one row of drawers.

Under the Bed Storage

Under-the-bed storage is good for smaller rooms and gives you the most limited space. Storage drawers are often built into the bottom of the bed and can have up to six drawers or as little as two.


Having a trundle gives you extra sleeping space in your child’s room, which is good for children who like having sleepovers. A trundle supports another mattress and can easily slide under the bed until needed. There are several styles of trundles.


While a bench is not common with a youth bedroom furniture set, it can make a good addition to any room. The bench provides extra seating and allows your child to relax and play. You can also use the room under the bench to store shoes, toys, or clothes.


When you need a place to do your hair or put your makeup on, you need a vanity. Most vanity sets come with a chair and a mirror, and it is a great piece of bedroom furniture to help your child keep grooming necessities in one place.


Typically, a mirror is a final touch for room wall décor. Not only does a mirror make the room feel more open, but it also gives your child a place to get ready to start their day.

Shop Conn’s HomePlus

At Conn’s HomePlus, you can shop for a kid’s bedroom set. A bedroom set is a convenient way to purchase more for a lower price than buying each piece individually. Are you looking for a bedroom set that will last a while? Conn’s has a wide variety of options for you and your child for the perfect kids' bedroom set. Stop by a Conn’s store today or shop online for your next kid’s bedroom set.


What is the bed material for a kid’s bedroom set?

When looking at a kid’s bedroom set, you should look for one that is more durable. Wood beds are often sturdy and made from solid wood, engineered wood, or both. These beds can be sanded and painted to match any room theme. These pieces typically do not go out of style, so that they can last for quite some time.

Does Conn’s offer financing options for bedroom sets?

Yes! Conn’s HomePlus offers financing options for buying furniture, kids’ bedroom sets, and more. Check out our YES Money Financing options to get affordable low monthly payments.

Does Conn’s offer in-store shopping?

Yes! There are several Conn’s HomePlus stores throughout the United States. Use our Store Locator Tool to find a store near you!