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Soundbars for Sale

TVs offer great picture quality, not always is the sound the best. You may notice the sound quality is not the best when sitting down and watching a movie with the family. This is why most people choose to purchase soundbars. Soundbars have many speakers and compactly connect to your TV without a receiver. Some soundbars require a subwoofer, sometimes wireless, with rear speakers to give you that full surround sound system.

What to Consider When Buying a Soundbar

When shopping for soundbars, there are a few options you can choose from. Do you need a 3-channel soundbar or a 5-channel soundbar? Here are some things to consider when purchasing a new soundbar.


When placing a soundbar near your TV, you need to think about how much space you have. If you do not have a lot of space, you may consider a sound base. The type you choose will depend on where you put it. Soundbars are typically more adaptable with installation. These are typically hung on the wall or sit in front of your TV, and most are easy to set up. If your TV sits on a TV stand, you can place the soundbar on the same table below the screen. If your TV is mounted, you can mount your soundbar below the TV.

On the other hand, sound bases are placed directly under your TV, so sound bases are heavier.


The soundbar should not be wider than the TV when thinking of aesthetics. Finding a soundbar with the same width as your TV would be best if you could get away with it. However, that is not always the case. When thinking of size, use your best judgment. You need to ensure that your TV can be connected to the soundbar, especially if you have an older TV.

Soundbar Channels

Soundbar channels are like individual speakers. Most movies offer five audio channels: the center, left, right, and two in the rear. So what makes a soundbar different than a home theater setup? Soundbars have all channels/speakers in one unit. Below is a breakdown of the different channels:

  • • 2-Channel Soundbar – 2 speakers: the left and right.
  • • 3-Channel Soundbar – 3 speakers: the center, left, and right.
  • • 5-Channel Soundbar – 5 speakers: the center, left, right, and two rear speakers.
  • • 7-Channel Soundbar – 7 speakers: this is essentially the same as the 5-channel soundbar but splits the surround and rear channel into 4-channels – so you get 7 in total.

So, you may ask – how many channels do you need? Simple, the more, the better.

Available Connections

Newer soundbars have several connection options. Some of these connections include

  • • HDMI ARC – this is good for multi-channel soundbars
  • • Wireless Connectivity – such as a Bluetooth soundbar or one with Wi-Fi
  • • Optical Port – the simplest way to connect a soundbar to a TV
  • • USB Inputs – these are typically needed for firmware updates. However, newer soundbars are done through software updates. You may not need a USB input unless you are looking to plug in a thumb drive.

Shop Conn’s HomePlus

At Conn’s HomePlus, we offer a variety of soundbars to fit any budget. Shop our soundbar deals today if you are ready to upgrade your movie nights. While you’re browsing, you can check out our TV speakers, surround speakers, and furniture.