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Shop Recliners on Sale

Take a look at our Recliner Buying Guide to help you find the perfect recliner for your living room. A recliner is the ultimate living room luxury that offers a comfortable place to kick back and relax as you read, watch TV, or visit with family and friends. When looking for the right recliner chair to complete your room, come to Conn’s HomePlus. We have a wide variety of leather, faux leather, and fabric recliners for sale.

Our selection includes everything from power recliner and oversized recliners to a swivel rocker recliner that you can envision yourself relaxing in. Whether you want a classic style or a more modern recliner, you can explore our catalog below to see for yourself why Conn’s HomePlus is where you will find a recliner you love. Explore our catalog of recliners on sale to learn more about the best recliners on the market, what recliner deals we have available and the different features. You can also search our catalog for home decor, a matching ottoman and lamp, or even a new mattress for your bedroom.

Types of Recliners at Conn’s HomePlus

Our commitment is to provide the best furniture options on the market at affordable prices. Conn’s HomePlus sells a wide variety of recliners to suit everyone’s style, taste, and need. We have chairs with various little extras that set you up for a luxury living. Want a cup holder? You can have a cup holder. Are you interested in a chair that gives you a massage – we have that too.

Each of our recliners are designed to give you the maximum comfort and relaxation you need from a massage recliner to a comfy rocker recliner. Below is a list of our most common types of recliners.

Electric Reclining Chair does all the reclining work for you – so you are free to truly relax. Simply push a button and stretch to your heart’s content. Additionally, a power recliner’s built-in motor (or set of motors) makes it easier to adjust and recline your chair to the most comfortable position. At Conn’s HomePlus, our selection of chairs includes electric models by top brands such as Catnapper, Man Wah, and more.

Rocker Recliner Chair is a manual recliner that extends backwards often with a hand lever. It also rocks when upright, giving you both a rocker and a recliner in one convenient package. If you want all the benefits of a reclinerwith the comfort of a rocking chair, this option is the perfect solution.

Glider Recliner Chair is like the rocker recliner. However, instead of rocking, it glides forward and backward on a linear path. Our gliders offer a sleek, more modern look than most traditional models, which often makes them a great choice for a living room.

Whether you are interested in an electric recliner or more drawn to a swivel recliner, you will find the model you are looking for at Conn’s HomePlus. Our large catalog of options sets you up with plenty of features for reclining in the comfort of your home. When you find something that interests you from our recliner sale, talk to us about furniture financing to complete your purchase faster and easier.

Conn’s HomePlus is here to help you get just the right furniture to complete your living space. Qualify today for our unique Conn’s HomePlus Financing credit. Our financing options can connect you with the financing you need even if you have been turned down elsewhere. You will get your financing answer instantly.