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Things to consider before buying a sofa

Types of Refrigerators
  • Space and room size: Measure your living room, man cave, or wherever the sofa will be placed. You want to be certain that the sofa will fit comfortably within the available space. For smaller spaces, think about a compact or apartment-sized sofa. Maybe even a loveseat. For spacious areas, sectionals or large sofas may work well. And don’t forget about delivery details either. What does that mean? Make sure the sofa will fit through your doorways and navigate tight corners by measuring those areas as well.
  • Use: How will you typically enjoy your living room sofa? Daily lounging, occasional guests, or a mix of both? Sofas designed for everyday use might need more durable upholstery and a stronger construction.
  • Functionality: Think about what sofa features you need. For example, if you frequently host guests, a sleeper sofa might be a good idea. Other options, like reclining sofas with storage space offer a comfortable way to relax and keep your home tidy.
  • Lifestyle Your style preferences should align with the sofa's design. Factors like color, upholstery material, and style (e.g., traditional, modern, contemporary) should be part of the thought process. If you have pets or kids, look into sofas featuring resilient, easy-care fabrics.
  • Comfort and support: If possible, sit on the sofa to test comfort and support. This will help you feel confident in the back and cushion support it’s going to provide. Of course, what feels comfortable depends on the person, so choose what suits you best.
  • Quality and durability: Investigate the sofa's construction and materials. High-quality frames, durable upholstery, and well-crafted cushions are crucial for long-lasting use.
  • Maintenance: Consider the maintenance requirements of the sofa, especially if you have pets or kids. Leather, microfiber, or synthetic materials are typically easier to clean, making it simple to maintain your sofa for a long time.
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Types of Refrigerators

Sizes and dimensions

  • Standard sofas vs. other varieties: Standard sofas are typically 84 to 90 inches wide. However, there are various other options available, including apartment-sized sofas (under 80 inches), loveseats (typically around 60 inches wide), sectionals, and modular sofas that allow customization to your space.
  • How to measure your space: Want to be sure your sofa will work well before purchasing it? Begin by measuring the available space in your room to determine the sofa size that will work best. Measure the width and depth of the area where the sofa will be placed. Don’t forget to give some extra space for clearance around the sofa, so you don’t feel cramped.
  • Dimensions for doorways and hallways: You don’t want to buy a living room sofa only to find out that it won’t actually fit in your home. Avoid this headache by making certain that the sofa can fit through your doorways, hallways, and other passages. Measure the width and height of doorways, stairwells, and any narrow spaces the sofa must come through during delivery. It's also important to consider turning angles and any obstacles that might make delivery and placement more difficult.
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Sofa materials

Fabric vs. leather upholstery

  • Fabric sofas offer a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures, making them a versatile choice for various interior styles. In general, they're more affordable as well. However, sofas with fabric upholstery may need more maintenance over time. They’re also more susceptible to stains and wear.
  • Leather sofas boast elegance and timelessness. What’s surprising to many people is how easy they are to clean as well as how they get even more beautiful with age. While a durable leather sofa may have a higher upfront cost, it’s a long-term investment that stays comfortable and stylish for years on end.

Frame Materials

  • The frame is the backbone of your sofa. Look for sturdy materials like hardwood, such as oak or maple, which provide durability and longevity. Kiln-dried wood prevents warping and cracking over time. Metal frames are also strong and suitable for more modern designs.

Cushion materials

  • Most of the comfort you experience from a sofa is owed to its cushions. High-resilience foam provides a balance of support and comfort. Down-filled cushions are soft and luxurious but may require regular fluffing. Memory foam cushions contour to your body for a personalized feel. Another thing to consider is a sofa with removable cushions for easy maintenance.

Sofa styles

Types of Refrigerators
  • Contemporary sofas are the epitome of what's in vogue right now. They feature curvy designs and often incorporate bold colors or patterns. Sofas featuring a contemporary style give you a fresh look in your living room without sacrificing any comfort.
  • Modern sofas are slightly different from their contemporary brethren, being characterized by clean lines and minimalistic aesthetics. While we call them “modern,” their profiles are often inspired by mid-20th century pieces. The end result is a timeless, sophisticated look that surprisingly blends with a variety of interior design themes.
  • If you prefer a more classic, formal ambiance in your living space, traditional sofas are the way to go. They usually flaunt intricate detailing, rolled arms, and plush upholstery, evoking a sense of timeless elegance. And since they’re crafted in the present-day, you can rely on their durability, too.
  • Love the vibe of exposed brick walls or an unfinished ceiling with metal beams? Inspired by factories and warehouses, industrial sofas have that same kind of raw, rugged look. These pieces of furniture may showcase leather upholstery, metal accents, and a utilitarian vibe, adding a touch of urban chic to your home.
Types of Refrigerators


Reclining sofas

For those moments when relaxation is a top priority, Conn’s HomePlus carries only the best reclining sofas. These sofas come with built-in recliners, allowing you to kick back and unwind in style. Whether you choose a manual or power recline option, you'll experience the ultimate in comfort as you read, watch TV, or take a quick power nap.

Sleeper sofas

If you want versatility, sleeper sofas are where it’s at. Perfect for homes with limited space or for accommodating overnight guests, these talented sofas seamlessly transform into comfortable beds. They come in various sizes and styles, so you can provide a cozy night's sleep for your guests without sacrificing the aesthetics of your room.

Sectional sofas

With different configurations, sectional sofas are a world of possibilities. Need a spacious seating arrangement for a family movie night? Prefer a cozy nook for two? Our sectional sofas put you in the driver’s seat. That’s because these modular pieces of living room furniture can adapt to your space and needs.


Types of Refrigerators


Our sofas boast sturdy frames constructed from high-quality materials, such as hardwood, engineered wood, and metal. These long-lasting frames provide exceptional durability because you want to have confidence in your sofa withstanding the test of time, especially with daily use.


This might be the most important part of a sofa as well as the most overlooked aspect of it. The suspension system in our sofas is a crucial factor in your comfort. We offer a range of options, including sinuous springs, designed to provide superior support and prevent sagging.

Cushion fillings

Get comfortable with quality cushion fillings. Sofas come in a variety of cushion options, including high-resilience foam, down feathers, and memory foam. Simply look into each filling to understand its pros and cons, so you can choose the optimal level of softness or firmness for you.


In addition to being comfortable, living room sofas need to be resilient. That’s why our sofas are built to withstand everyday use, from entertaining guests to spending cozy nights with loved ones. High-quality upholstery materials and superior craftsmanship play big roles in this. Because we want you to experience long-term comfort at home.

Types of Refrigerators


  • Determine how much you’re willing and able to spend on a new sofa. Sofas from Conn’s HomePlus come in various price ranges, from extremely affordable sofas priced at under $400 to luxurious reclining leather sofas at nearly $2,700. Something else to keep in mind is how more expensive sofas may last longer than budget-friendly versions. This could mean replacing your sofa sooner or later depending on how much you originally budget for your initial sofa purchase.
  • Sofas are a significant investment for any home, and finding the right balance between quality and affordability is key. High-quality sofas mix comfort, durability, and timeless style. However, they usually have a higher price tag. On the other hand, affordable sofas can fit tighter budgets but may lack the longevity of their pricier counterparts. The key is to determine your priorities. Searching for a long-term living room solution? Focus on quality, but be prepared to spend more. For those on a budget or in need of a temporary solution, affordable sofas can be a practical choice. While they may not offer the same level of durability, they can still provide comfort and style. To make a well-informed decision, consider the sofa's purpose, how long you plan to keep it, and your budget.


  • Many sofa brands offer warranties and customer support options to provide peace of mind and ensure your satisfaction. These may be limited or full warranties for a certain period of time, often one year or more. And don’t forget that Conn’s HomePlus also offers protection plans to keep you covered.

Return policy

  • Unfortunately, some items cannot be returned. That includes: mattresses and furniture (not décor & accessories) unless inspected by a Conn’s service technician and found to have a manufacturer’s defect. Learn more about our policy for returns, exchanges, and cancellations.

Shipping and assembly

  • We can deliver your new sofa to your home! As for shipping, costs are calculated based on the location, weight of the product, and the shipping speed selected. So it depends. Some items may not be delivered via shipping methods due to their size and weight which includes major appliances, electronics, fitness equipment, furniture, and mattresses.


  • What do I need to know before buying a sofa or sleeper?

    Before making your purchase, consider the size, style, and material that will best fit your space and lifestyle. Think about factors like room dimensions, color preferences, and whether you need a standard sofa or a sleeper for accommodating guests.

  • Do you have a more detailed buying guide?

    Currently, this is our go-to place to learn more about sofas and try to determine the one that will best suit your needs. If you go in store to explore our sofa options, you can also discuss any questions or concerns with our in-store experts.

  • Can I buy sofas online or visit one of your stores?

    You have the flexibility to shop with us both online and in-store. We have a user-friendly website for buying your new sofa online, and our stores are ready to provide hands-on assistance as well.

  • What is the average price of a good sofa?

    It depends because there’s a huge variety of sofa sizes, materials, and brands. On average, a high-quality sofa can range from $500 to $2,000 or more. We offer a terrific selection of sofas to fit any budget.

  • What to avoid when buying a sofa? How about sleepers?

    Avoid buying a sofa without considering the dimensions of your room and doorways. When purchasing a sleeper, make sure it's easy to convert and comfortable for sleeping. If you’re shopping online, try to read reviews so you get a sense of what owning a specific sofa may be like.

  • Do you have any sales or discounts available?

    Yes, we frequently offer sales and discounts on our furniture. Be sure to check our website or visit one of our stores to see the latest promotions.

  • Are there financing options or payment plans available?

    Absolutely. We provide flexible financing options and payment plans to make your purchase more affordable. Our Conn's HomePlus financingmakes it easy and affordable thanks to several payment plans and interest rate options.

  • Can I apply for financing on the website or visit a store?

    You can conveniently apply for financing on our website, and the process is quick and easy. Alternatively, you can visit one of our stores, and our associates will assist you with the application.

  • What is the interest rate for financing?

    Interest rates can vary based on your credit score and the financing plan you choose. We offer competitive rates to ensure affordability.

  • Is a down payment required for financing at Conn’s HomePlus?

    This can vary based on the financing plan you select as well as your credit score. However, we offer various financing options to suit your needs, some of which may not require a down payment at all.

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