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Upright & Cordless Vacuums

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Upright & Cordless Vacuum Cleaners for Sale

Upright vacuum or cordless vacuum – which one is right for you? A vacuum is an appliance that most households cannot live without. Even if you do not have a house full of carpet, a vacuum can help clean everyday messes such as dirt, pet hair and more on your hardwood floors, blinds, and even furniture. But when it comes to choosing a cordless vacuum vs. an upright vacuum cleaner, it can be a difficult decision. It all comes down to your needs. At Conn’s HomePlus, we have several options of both upright vacuum cleaners and cordless vacuum cleaners to fit all your needs. Shop today.

Cordless Vacuum vs. Corded Vacuum

In your search between a cordless vacuum and an upright vacuum, you must know the differences. Below is a comparison of the two.


Cordless Vacuum

The battery on a cordless vacuum creates the suction power, and when the battery begins to drain, your suction will also. However, with a lithium battery, cordless vacuums can give you excellent, consistent suction.

Corded Vacuum

A corded vacuum plugs into your electricity at home. Many believe a corded vacuum is the best option because of this feature. However, while they may have a consistent suction, a cordless vacuum can do the same. Corded vacuums typically do have more suction than those with non-lithium batteries.


Cordless Vacuum

Most cordless vacuums are light compared to corded ones, typically weighing less than seven pounds on average. Since they do not have a cord, you can easily transport them anywhere in your house to clean the stairs, furniture, and hard-to-reach places. You can even transport the vacuum outside to clean out your car.

Corded Vacuum

With flexibility with a corded vacuum, these do not compare to a cordless vacuum. Upright vacuums are much heavier and bulkier, limiting your transportation with these appliances. Also, with the cord, you must stay within reach of an electrical outlet making it difficult to move within your home freely.

Battery Life

Cordless Vacuum

Cordless vacuums have a limited battery life before having to put them back on the charger. Typically, you can expect 15 – 40 minutes of vacuum time. Once you get a dead battery, you must return it to the charging station for anywhere from 2 – 16 hours. If you have a high-voltage lithium-ion battery, these can last a bit longer.

Corded Vacuum

You do not have to worry about battery life with an upright vacuum, and you can guarantee you will never run out of battery halfway through your chores.

Filter and Dust Capacity

Cordless Vacuum

Cordless vacuums are compact and have a smaller filter, typically 0.6 liters. With this small, you may have to stop halfway through your cleaning to empty the container.

Corded Vacuum

Compared to the 0.6 liters of a cordless vacuum, a corded vacuum can have about 2-3 liters to hold dirt and debris. With this large container, you may not have to stop as often to empty your container. However, those with allergy problems are less likely to be frequently exposed to dust and dander with a larger compartment.

Shop Conn’s HomePlus

If you need a new vacuum to take on cleaning, Conn’s HomePlus has a wide selection of upright and cordless vacuum cleaners. Upright vacuums are suitable for single-story homes with lots of carpets. However, those with multiple stories and bare floors tend to favor cordless vacuums. Shop Conn’s HomePlus today in-store or online for your next vacuum cleaner.