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Brighten up your favorite space in your home with a new floor to a table lamp. Are you a reader? Then a desk lamp may be the best option for you. At Conn’s HomePlus, we offer a complete selection of lighting fixtures and wall lights for your home. Choose from stylish ceiling lights to a beautiful chandelier or even a new ceiling fan.

What to Consider When Buying a New Lamp

When buying a new lamp for your room, you must first consider the type of room you are shopping for. What effect do you want this room to have? LED lamps are a popular choice when wanting to light a work area, and LEDs provide a clear and bright light which makes an easier working space.

However, if you are looking for something cozier, you may consider dimmable table lamps, ground lights, and floor lamps. These can be used for both basic lighting and mood lights. No matter your personal preference, Conns HomePlus has an endless selection for you to choose from.

Selecting a New Lamp

Sometimes, all it takes is the perfect lamp to tie it all together when decorating your home. But what is the perfect lamp? How do you choose the perfect lamp? Below are four considerations when choosing your new lamp.

Shade Height – to determine the height size for your lamp, determine where you will place the lamp. Measure from the surface where the lamp will be placed to eye level. This is considered your base measurement. Next, to find the average size of the lampshade, divide the base measurement by three. This will give you the average size for your lampshade.

Height Size – to determine the height of your lamp, you will need to add 18” to the shade measurement.

Shade Style – the look and the shape of the lamp are important when considering the style of your home. You will also need to consider a shade that best matches the lamp you will be using. If you are using the lamp while watching TV – an opaque or dark shade may help minimize the light. However, for reading light, a semi-opaque may be a better option.

Choosing Light Bulbs – if you purchase a lamp for reading, it is recommended to use a light bulb with 60 watts or more. If you would rather opt for an energy-saving LED bulb, look at the lumens output of the LED and the rating. You will want the light bulb to be close to 60 watts.

Types of Lamps for the Home

Lamps come in many different styles, so at Conns HomePlus, you will find what you are looking for to complete your room. Before making your next lamp purchase, you should be aware of all your options, and below will help you choose the best lamp for your living room.

Table Lamps

Table lamps were made to sit on a tabletop such as your end table, dresser, vanity, or shelf. However, table lamps are adaptable, so the type of lamp you purchase will depend on its location in your home. Below are a few common table lamps.

  • • Bedside lamps

  • • Buffett lamps

  • • Tripod table lamp

  • • Candlestick lamp

  • • Task lighting

  • • Banker lamp

  • • Wall Lamp

  • • Swing-arm table lamp

  • • Gooseneck desk lamp

Floor Lamps

A floor lamp is a freestanding lamp that can be moved throughout your home. A more traditional floor lamp is tall with a straight pole that extends from the base. Often, floor lamps are paired with a cone or bell-shaped lampshade that provides downward light. Below are a few common floor lamps.

  • • Task floor lamp

  • • Arc floor lamp

  • • Tripod floor lamp

  • • Tree lamp

  • • Swing-arm floor lamp

  • • Torchiere lamp

  • • Pharmacy lamp

  • • Column lamp

  • • Shelf lamp

  • • Lamp sets

Other Types of Lamps

Novelty Lamps - with the many different accent lighting options, you are not stuck choosing one of the above lamps. There are many more decorative types of lamps to choose from. Below are some common novelty lamps:

  • • Lava lamps

  • • Himalayan salt lamps

  • • Moon lamps

  • • Swag lamps

  • • Night lights

Lamp Sets

If you are looking to bring light to a large room, or many rooms, it may be best to purchase a lamp set. Lamp sets give you two matching lamps made to provide flow to your room. The lamps can be different in color and size and come in different sizes and designs, such as floor and table lamps.

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Brighten your home and your day with a wide variety of lamps available at affordable prices at Conns HomePlus. Choose from various designer lamps, including a new light fixture, outdoor lighting, a new wall sconce, bathroom lighting, picture lights, and more. Buy online or pick it up at your local Conns HomePlus store.