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Buy box Spring and Frames Today

If you are shopping for a bed frame or box spring, you need to consider two things: style and size.
Our bed frames come in many different styles, from modern and minimal metal frames to more rustic touches with wood-finished frames. Bed frames can also be used for additional storage underneath the mattress if you want to maximize the functionality of the furniture in your bedroom. And don’t forget the sleek look a platform-style bed frame provides for your bedroom. Conn’s HomePlus has bed frames and box springs to suit your needs, whether you are looking for twin sizes, full, queen, king, or even California king.

Box Spring vs. Foundation
When looking for a new bed, there are several things you must consider. Besides finding the perfect mattress and firmness level, you must decide what your new mattress will sit on. Typical box springs and foundations are the most used, and both are good for supporting the mattress, but there are some differences.

Box Springs
Box springs are rectangular wooden boxes that your mattress sits on top of. There are coils inside the box, and the sides are covered with fabric. These metal springs provide better air flow and act as shock absorbers. While a traditional box spring works great with a traditional innerspring mattress, it will not provide much support for a heavier mattress such as a memory foam mattress. Something this heavy can break the coils and eventually cause sagging.


A mattress foundation is also a wooden box, but this has wooden slats on top that are typically spaced about 2 – 3 inches apart. A foundation is covered by a breathable cloth, something like organic cotton. A foundation differs from a box spring because the foundation does not have coils, and the foundation's main purpose is to give support instead of additional cushioning. The foundation gives firm support, making your mattress feel firmer.

Shop Conn’s HomePlus

Conn’s HomePlus knows that everything good is built upon a solid foundation. We believe that box springs and foundations play an important role in providing you with a good night’s sleep, and that is why we offer the best in-box springs and foundations to keep you and your mattress supported to the highest standard. Complement your mattress with a new box spring or foundation from Conn’s HomePlus today. Browse our entire selection of bed frames and box springs online or visit us at your nearest Conn’s HomePlus. Once you’ve determined which box spring or mattress foundation to add to your bedroom, let us help you afford your new appliance. Through our exclusive Conn's HomePlus Financing program, you can get instantly pre-qualified. Visit a local Conn’s HomePlus or apply for credit and buy online today.