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Wall Art & Mirrors

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Buy Wall Art & Mirrors

The walls of your home play an important role in presenting your style to others. Therefore, adding wall design and modern decorative wall mirrors can help enhance the beauty of your home. At Conns HomePlus, we offer a range of wall décor, wall art, and mirrors to help you achieve the beautiful home you have always dreamed of.

Wall Art & Mirrors by Room

Being able to display your creativity on your walls is one way of making your home more attractive. Complete each room in your home and make it your own with wall art print, mirrors, wall décor, and accents from Conns HomePlus.

Entryway Wall Art

It is best to include at least one mirror in your entryway. Not only can you use this mirror to do a double-take before leaving your home, but a mirror is convenient for guests entering and leaving your home. Wall mirrors can help small entryways appear larger and help open the space up.

Living Room Wall Décor

Having unique wall art can help transform a rather plain living room. When choosing wall décor for your living room, opt for two statement pieces such as a canvas print, art prints, paintings, or even a gallery wall. If you are not a fan of prints, you can choose a more artistic approach with a sculptural piece of natural wood, rustic metals, or glass.

Bedroom Décor

Since a bedroom is a more private space, you can experience different decorative themes, patterns, and colors. You can choose one or two bold prints, and these can be placed over the bed, dresser, or by a reading chair in the corner. You can also use shelving to help display other items such as pictures.

Types of Wall Art

Choosing the right type of wall art is important for any room in your home. But, once you find what seems like the perfect piece, you will need to determine the size that works best for your wall. Many wall art and mirror options come in various size options, and below are common wall art types for your home.

  • • Canvas Art
  • • Print Art
  • • Metal Art
  • • Wood Art
  • • Vinyl Art
  • • Matching Sets
  • • Wall Sculptures

How to Choose the Right Size

To find the right size of wall décor for your wall – let's grab a tape measure to find the dimensions of your wall.

Width – first, you will need to take the wall width X 0.57 = the idea width of wall décor

If you want a set or collection, you can use the same formula to find the width that all pieces should fill with 2 -3 inches between each frame.

Height – the width formula is also used to find the height of your wall décor. The area of your artwork (height x width) should cover 2/3 – 3/4 of the open wall space.

Remember – bigger is better. Choose a slightly larger wall décor than what you think you will need for the wall. Being bigger is better than it being too small for the area.

Wall Art Placement Tips

Here are a few tips when placing wall art in your home.

  • • The middle of your wall art should hang approximately 57 inches from the floor – or at eye level. If the art is above your furniture, ensure at least 6 – 12 inches of space between the top of the furniture and the bottom of the art piece.
  • • If you have low ceilings in your home (shorter than 8 feet), you will need to separate your wall into four sections starting at the bottom and working up – then hang your art piece in the third section.
  • • If you have multiple art pieces of different heights, ensure that the middles line up properly.
  • • When choosing to hang artwork above your stairs, hang a piece at every third step to help achieve a diagonal look.
  • • If your room is already busy looking or cluttered – choose larger wall pieces to help the room not look more overwhelmed.

Shop Conns Home Plus

Whether you have a modern apartment, or a rustic farmhouse, adding wall art and mirrors to the wall adds dimension and makes your home appear more attractive. At Conns HomePlus, our selection of wall art and mirrors can help add style to every room. From unique print to just a little extra personality in your living room, Conns HomePlus has what you need. Our selection of mirrors and wall art is not all we have to offer – look at our other home décor and appliances. We have made shopping easier by either shopping online or stopping by one of our local stores.