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Nursery Furniture Sets

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Nursery Furniture Sets on Sale

Often a nursery furniture set will come with 2 – 3 pieces of furniture; this includes the baby crib, dresser, and/or changing table. When buying a furniture set, this is a good way to ensure that all your furniture matches. Conn’s HomePlus is the way to go if you are interested in nursery furniture sets. You can find multiple nursery furniture sets depending on the color and style—Shop Conn’s HomePlus today for your nursery furniture set.

Advantages of Buying a Nursery Furniture Set

If you have not decided whether to purchase individual furniture pieces for your nursery or nursery furniture set, there are some things to consider that may make your decision a little easier. Below are some advantages of buying a baby furniture set.

Matching Set – when you purchase a nursery furniture set, you will get the same design and finish throughout your nursery—no more worrying whether your furniture pieces will match and if they will clash with your nursery décor.

Practicality – instead of shopping for hours or even days for a crib and then doing the same for a changing table and dresser, you will have it all done at once. Once you find the set you love, your shopping will be done for furniture.

Price – typically, when buying a set, they are often more cost-effective than buying individual pieces.

What is Included in a Nursery Furniture Set

What is included in a nursery set depends on the set. Typically, there are three pieces in a furniture set – the crib, dresser, and changing table.

Crib – It is good to purchase the crib ahead of time because there are two options you need to choose from.

Traditional Crib – this is a good option if you plan on having future children or purchasing a new bed once your child grows out of the crib.

Convertible Crib – this is a good option for cost-effectiveness because the crib can grow with the child turning into a toddler bed and, in some cases, a full-size bed. Convertible cribs are typically more expensive, but you tend to save money.

Dresser – Purchasing a dresser is a good idea for extra storage space. Some dressers also include a removable topper that can be used as a changing station for your little one. This is especially a good idea if you are limited on space and do not have room for a separate changing table.

Changing Table – If you already have a dresser and want to use the top for extra storage, opting for a changing table is a good idea. Whether you choose a changing table with drawers or shelves, this furniture also gives you more storage space.

Shop Conn’s HomePlus

When your little one is on their way, it is time to set up the nursery. At Conn’s HomePlus, we can help you pick the perfect nursery furniture, décor, bedding, and more. At Conn’s, we have several baby furniture sets to choose from. Stop in today or shop online for the best nursery furniture set.


Where to buy nursery furniture sets near me?

Conn’s HomePlus offers online shopping for more convenience, but if you would rather shop in-store, we have several locations to serve your needs. Use our Store Locator Tool to find a store near you.

What comes in nursery furniture sets at Conn’s?

We offer a few different selections to choose from. One option is the convertible crib, changing table, and dresser. Another option is the convertible crib, dresser, and hamper.

Does Conn’s offer financing options?

Yes! We have several affordable low-monthly financing options. Click here to read more about our financing options.