Samsung Jet Bot AI+ Robot Vacuum with Object Recognition
The new Jet Bot+ intelligently avoids objects using LiDAR sensors and adjust cleaning performance on multiple surfaces for an optimized clean. Use the no-touch, hygienic Clean Station to automatically empty the dustbin and prevent dust from being released back into your home.

Samsung Jet Bot AI+ Robot Vacuum with Object Recognition

Jet AI Object Recognition & 3D Sensor

Comprehensive 5-Layer Filtration

Jet Live Home Monitoring

No-Go Zone/Select & Go

LiDAR Sensor-Precision Mapping

Washable Dust Bin

Technical Details
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Manufacture SKU VR50T95735W
Conn's SKUVR50T95735W
Power Description200 Air Watts
Manufacturer's Parts Warranty/Labor1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
Jet AI Object Recognition & 3D Sensor
Vacuum without picking up objects from your floors, as Jet Bot knows what to avoid.

Clean Station
A convenient and hygienic way to empty your dustbin while trapping 99.999% of fine dust.

LiDAR Sensor-Precision Mapping
Cleans your home more efficiently using detailed floor maps controlled via mobile device.

Comprehensive 5-Layer Filtration
Releases clean air with an advanced 5-layer filtration system. Filters trap 99.99% of micro dust.

Jet Live Home Monitoring
Set to Patrol mode and monitor status of your home by streaming real-time video to your mobile phone.

Intelligent Power Control
With up to 200 Air Watts of suction power, Jet Bot cleans hard floors and carpets thoroughly by identifying the type of surface and amount of dust and automatically adjusting suction power accordingly.

No-Go Zone/Select & Go
Maximize efficiency and save time by choosing specific areas to clean using Select & Go.

Live Cleaning Report
Check Jet Bot’s status in real-time using the Samsung SmartThings App. Check where it has cleaned, instruct it to pause or stop, and view the cleaning history.

Washable Dust Bin
Keep your dustbin clean, and empty your robot vacuum cleaner with ease.

High-Efficiency Brush
Cleans carpets effectively. The high-efficiency brush has fine, anti-static fibers and self-cleaning extractors to avoid tangles.

Jet Cyclone
Enjoy powerful and consistent suction, pulling dust and debris fully into the dustbin and reducing potential clogs.

Cleaning Time
Up to 90 minutes.

Cleaning Speed
Moves at 11.8 inches per second (30 cm/sec).

Sound Level
72 dBA.

30W Suction
Powerful and reliable DC motor.

Recharge and Resume
Automatically returns to docking station to recharge, then resumes cleaning until the job is complete.

Cleaning Modes
Auto, Manual, Spot.

Suction Control Modes
Three Control Modes (Turbo, Normal, Quiet) operated by soft-touch buttons.

Li-ion Battery
Provides long battery life and consistent power.
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1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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Samsung Jet Bot AI+ Robot Vacuum with Object Recognition - VR50T95735W
Samsung Jet Bot AI+ Robot Vacuum with Object Recognition - VR50T95735W
SKU #: VR50T95735W

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