Our Purpose

We are committed to making a difference throughout our communities and creating a sustainable future for our employees, consumers, investors, and other stakeholders.  It is important to define our success beyond just financial growth and profitability and look at business practices that promote environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.  Across our organization, we continue to actively look for ways to improve our company and partners along these fronts and to be good corporate citizens.

Future Plans

We plan to increase our use, and disclosure, of ESG metrics so that our efforts and results are apparent to our employees, consumers, investors, and other stakeholders. 


We work diligently to recycle in our stores, distribution centers and offices in an effort to reduce waste.  We continue to pursue additional strategies to eliminate waste created by our business.

In 2019, our efforts yielded the following results:

  • 2,830 tons of waste recycled;
  • 46,289 trees saved;
  • 29,323 barrels of oil saved;
  • 8,490 yards of landfill space saved;
  • 40.1% recycled/landfill avoidance; and
  • 74,084 lbs of electronic waste recycled (prior 12 months through September 2020).

Energy Conservation

We work diligently to reduce energy consumption when and where appropriate.  We plan to continue to pursue strategies that reduce our carbon footprint.

  • 69,853,706 KWHs used in 2019 with 9,310,000 KWHs saved due to conservation and performance programs;
  • Several LEED certified facilities which means that the facility is designed to reduce waste, conserve energy and water, be healthier for occupants and reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • We are actively retrofitting our older facilities by investing in technologically advanced LED lighting products, which substantially reduce energy usage; and
  • In October of 2020, we began an energy demand response program which puts power back on the grid.

Reduction of fossil fuels

We are committed to working with suppliers and freight companies who uphold the highest standards and use the latest technology for the reduction of fossil fuels.

Diversity and inclusion

Conn’s is committed to diversity at every level of the organization.  Our diversity reflects our consumers and helps us to create an optimal environment for everyone.

In 2018 Conn’s established a Diversity and Inclusion Committee to advance and promote diversity and inclusion at all levels within our organization.  The Committee’s focus over the last several years has been to lead initiatives and sponsor events that foster diversity and inclusion. 

In 2020, our Diversity and Inclusion Committee will be awarding scholarships to four deserving students attending Texas Southern University and Florida A&M University (two Historically Black Universities). Each student will receive $5,000 per semester, and this initiative represents an initial commitment from Conn’s of $160,000 over the next four years. These students will also be afforded the opportunity to participate in summer internships at Conn’s to provide real life workplace experience.


Conn’s, together with its vendors, donates merchandise to nonprofit organizations that support our communities.  Conn’s alone has donated in excess of $220,000 in cash and merchandise to charitable causes since the beginning of the 2020 fiscal year.

In February 2020, in partnership with the Houston Rockets, Conn’s supported, Casa Phoenix, a residential treatment center for teenage boys.  Together, the Houston Rockets and Conn’s, donated more than $16,500 in new furniture and appliances to enhance the center’s common areas, along with Beats headphones to all 16 boys who call Casa Phoenix home.

Also in February 2020, with the help of the San Antonio Spurs and guard Lonnie Walker IV, Conn’s donated 40 new laptop computers to Youth Code Jam to help build environments where K-12 students can learn to be successful and develop hands-on computing skills.

In January 2020, Conn’s partnered with DeAndre Hopkins, NFL wide receiver, and his mother, Sabrina Greenlee, CEO and Founder of S.M.O.O.O.T.H., to support The Women’s Home - a local non-profit in Houston supporting women and families who have faced homelessness, mental illness and addiction.  Together Conn’s, DeAndre and Sabrina made a donation of more than $45,000 in new furniture and appliances.

In December 2019, in an effort to support military veterans and thank them for their service, Conn’s partnered with the Bastion Community of Resilience, an intentional community for military veterans in New Orleans, to support families working toward recovery with a surprise donation of more than $22,000 in new furniture and 55” Samsung televisions to four deserving families.

In September 2019, Conn’s surprised First Light shelter in Birmingham, Alabama, the only shelter in downtown Birmingham offering emergency shelter for homeless women and families 24-hours a day, by renovating their laundry facilities with all new LG washer and dryer pairs. The Conn’s team also provided the women with toiletry gift bags aimed to make the day-to-day lives of residents as close to being at home as possible.

Conn’s has also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to victims of hurricanes that have impacted the Southern United States, including victims of Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Supply Chain

We work with responsible vendors throughout the world to ensure our products are manufactured in environmentally friendly, legal and ethical ways.

Vendor Code of Conduct

Key elements of our Vendor Code of Conduct include:

  • Compliance with the law and our policies;
  • No forced or child labor;
  • Minimum wage and benefits;
  • Freedom of association/collective bargaining;
  • Health and safety; and
  • Environment.