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Over the years, televisions have come a long way. Before, TVs were large projection screens of black and white pictures. We have gone from standard definition to high definition and now OLED TV technology with technology. Many people still use LED TVs at home – but what are you missing with an OLED TV? OLED TVs feature over 8.3 million pixels, displaying perfect black, intense color, and infinite contrast to deliver life-size colors with unbelievable clarity, even in the darkest scenes. Find out more about OLED TVs to see if they are the perfect fit for your next home TV purchase.

What is OLED technology?

OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes, an ultra-thin sheet of organic material within the screen. With an electrical current, the pixels create their light, and this is not like LED technology that uses liquid crystal display (LCD). Since the pixels create light themselves, they are controlled by the pixel level allowing vibrant colors, which turn other colors off, eliminating the need for backlighting. OLED TVs are among the thinnest TVs with some of the best picture qualities you can get.

Benefits of an OLED TV

What makes OLED display TVs different from an LCD or LED TV? OLED TVs have a carbon-based film that is between conductors. So, when the electricity passes through these conductors, light is produced. Since the pixels put off their own lights, this eliminates the need for backlighting. With an OLED TV, you get a better image quality, but you get an eco-friendlier TV. Below are more benefits of an OLED TV.

  • • Better Picture Quality

  • • Efficient and Eco-Friendly

  • • Thin, Light, and Flexible

  • Shop Conn’s HomePlus

    Whether you are looking for a bigger TV for your living room for movie night or wanting one for weekend game nights, Conn’s HomePlus has what you need. We offer various LG OLED TV options and other furniture options to complete your home. Shop for Blu-Ray Players, Smart TV, 4K TV, Sound Bars, Wall Mounts, or Living Room Furniture today.