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Deciding on a mattress is one of the most important decisions you will make for your home - especially your bedroom. The mattress you own should be long-lasting while providing a sleeping experience like none other. Today, memory foam mattresses are one of the softest and most adaptable mattresses. The reduced motion transfer helps you get a comfortable night’s rest by providing comfort and support to your body. Due to its use in high-tech industries, the memory foam mattress has become one of today's most popular mattress types.

Memory foam mattresses come in various sizes and thickness levels, giving you options. No matter what level of comfort you seek for your body, there is a memory foam mattress that is perfect for you.

Types of Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattress materials are made to help disperse weight over the bed evenly and help relieve pressure because of the conforming properties. This material is made to help contour your curves – making you feel like you are getting a nice deep hug. There are a few different types of memory foam mattresses to choose from – these are:


Traditional foams are a closed-cell design, and this means this mattress is firmer and is what gives the mattress the memory feel. The traditional memory foam mattress does not have any extras such as added cooling – but closed-cell materials can be infused with cooling gel.


A common complaint of memory foam mattresses is – they sleep hop. However, having gel-infused memory foam materials can help reduce some of this heat. Materials such as copper, gel beads, or graphite are often used in memory foam mattresses to help keep you cool.

Open Cell

This type is usually less dense than closed cell memory materials. It has an open construction that allows air to flow more freely through the design, and extra cooling gels can be added.

Benefits of Buying a Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses and even a memory foam mattress topper have many benefits. If you have ever been interested in how memory foam works or why a memory foam mattress is popular, here is something that will answer those questions.

  1. Memory Foam Provides a Temperature Controlled Support
  2. Your body temperature affects the way you sleep. You will not sleep the best if you are too hot or cold. Memory foam beds have temperature-sensitive material that allows the bed to adjust to your body temperature. So, as your body temperature goes up, the mattress gets softer, so you get a better night’s sleep. If you are more warm-blooded, you may consider a memory foam mattress with a cooling feature.

  3. Memory Foam Gives You a True Body Fit
  4. Memory foam mattresses are made from memory foam that molds to your body curvature and body heat. This allows the surface to distribute the body weight evenly when laid on but then return to its original shape when there is no pressure.

  5. Allergy-Friendly
  6. The Environment, Health, and Safety Online state that a typical mattress that has been used for a few years has anywhere between 100,000 to 10 million dust mites instead. However, a memory foam mattress, this mattress is created with polyurethane foam that is made up of fibers that helps prevent allergy-causing dust mites from getting within the bed. Unlike traditional mattresses, a memory foam mattress’s firm structure helps prevent the buildup of allergens over time.

  7. Provides Pain-Relief
  8. Having a memory foam mattress gives you many health benefits, such as helping relieve body aches, soreness, and pain. It helps your body recover more quickly after an injury. states that this is done because of the mattress’s ability to relocate pressure from painful areas on the body. Areas causing you pain typically are at a higher body temperature than the rest of your body. Memory foam identifies these temperature differences and molds to the body as needed to help reduce pressure on the area.

  9. Delivers Motion Transfer Resistance
  10. Having a memory foam mattress is a likely option for couples. Memory foam soaks up the movement of another person to help reduce any disturbances while the other is sleeping. This is good for those who have partners who toss and turn all night. So, having a memory foam mattress helps keep late-night wakeups to a minimum.

Shop Conn’s HomePlus

Memory foam mattresses are soft and durable mattress that gives you several advantages to help improve your sleep. At Conn’s HomePlus we offer several different brands at different price points to help meet your comfort needs and budget. Visit a local Conn’s HomePlus or apply for credit and buy online today for the next best memory foam mattress.