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Shop Our Selection of Bed-in-a-Box Today

Once you get a bed in a box, you will see how easy it is to maneuver and handle. You can place these comfortable beds anywhere you like quickly and easily. A bed in a box is a unique type of mattress and will fit most comfort levels. These beds are available at several price points and firmness levels to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Why Buy a Bed in a Box?

One word – Convenience. Before a bed in a box, you had to spend hours inside a mattress store sitting on different mattresses and often dealing with salespeople. Many turn to online shopping, from clothes and movies to grocery shopping. This is the same with buying a new mattress in a box. With a few minutes of research and a few clicks, you can have your new bed delivered right to your door. Once you receive your bed, you take it out of the box and allow time for it to turn to its original shape, and you're ready for your good night’s sleep.

Another reason many people choose a bed in a box over an original mattress is the reduced cost of a high-quality mattress. All stores have overhead expenses, which means mattress prices go up. But choosing a bed in a box brand has advantages – they are more affordable than in-store prices. Conn’s HomePlus provides the details and information you need to learn about our bed-in-a-box options and offers a selection of beds that fit your comfort needs and price points.

How to Choose a Bed in a Box

Purchasing a boxed mattress may not seem normal, but today, beds are shipped in a box daily, and it is now becoming the new normal. However, it is still difficult for some to purchase a bed online. Below, we will help you cover areas you should consider before purchasing a bed in a box.

Mattress Type - Most are memory foam, polyurethane foam, and latex, and you may also find beds that are both foam and spring. Below are the different types of mattresses in a box.

Memory Foam – A memory foam mattress is a good choice if you suffer from body pain. The memory foam helps relieve pressure points and is good for natural spine alignment. However, the downfall is if you get hot while you sleep, this may not be the bed for you as it holds in body heat and tends to be on the firmer side.

Latex – while this bed is like a memory foam mattress, a latex mattress is good for pain relief and spinal alignment. However, it differs because it does seem to sleep cooler and is a little softer. The downfall to a latex mattress in a box is latex tends to be heavier.

Hybrid – this is a combination of a memory foam mattress and innerspring mattresses. While this memory foam hybrid mattress is comfortable and offers support, edge support, heat management, and softness, the downfalls to this mattress are the larger price tag and the lower motion isolation. You may notice more movement if your partner tosses and turns a lot at night.

Firmness Level When purchasing online, it can be hard to determine the right mattress. Still, typically a manufacturer will provide details about the firmness of the mattress and which type of sleeper this mattress attracts. Mattresses come in five different firmness levels –based on a 1-10 firmness scale where 1 is soft and 10 is very hard. This may give you a better understanding of the firmness you are about to purchase.

Sleeping Position When shopping for any bed, it is important to know your sleeping position. Side sleepers may need a mattress that helps relieve body pressure and provides spine alignment, and stomach sleepers may need more back support. Back sleepers may want a mattress that conforms to and supports the body while still having enough softness for your hips and shoulders.

Shop Conn’s HomePlus

Buying a bed in a box may not be as different and difficult as it may seem. While you do not get to lay down on the mattress before ordering, you get your bed shipped to your home. So, which bed is right for you? A bed in a box or the traditional mattress and box spring? If you are attracted to affordable pricing, quality mattresses, convenient delivery, and set-up, all while being supportive and that fits your comfort level – then a bed in the box is right for you.

Visit a local Conn’s HomePlus or apply for credit to get a unique and comfortable bed in a box today.