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Wi-Fi Router for Sale

When you purchase a Wi-Fi router or wireless router, you can enjoy streaming and gaming lag-free. At Conn’s HomePlus, we provide a range of wireless routers. Some have Tri-Band, Dual-Band, Wi-Fi 6E, firewall, parental controls, and more. The Wi-Fi 6E technology allows you to have fast speeds, low latency for 4K and 8K streaming, smooth streaming, AR/VR gaming, and smooth video conferences. Wi-Fi routers are perfect for streaming players, game consoles, and computers. Visit a local Conn’s HomePlus store today or shop online our collection of wireless routers and find the best router for you and your needs.

Finding a Wi-Fi Router for You

When deciding on the best Wi-Fi router, you must consider how much bandwidth you need for your connected devices and data requirements. If you are looking to stream movies and TV shows, you may consider 25 Mbps. However, suppose you are only using your wireless router for social media, checking emails, or occasionally watching TV. In that case, you will not need a high Mbps.

You may also consider how many people will be using your router at one time. If your home is the hangout spot for your children's friends or multiple people work from home, you may need a Wi-Fi router with a guest network. This allows you to create a separate Wi-Fi for visitors different from your main Wi-Fi network.

Another thing to consider is whether you will have smart home technology. Having an updated Wi-Fi router helps support smart lighting, smart speakers, and home security. Depending on the construction of your house, you may benefit from a portable Wi-Fi router such as a mesh router. You can place this router wherever you are – indoors or outdoors, so you gain internet access no matter where you are.

Benefits of a Wireless Router

Traditional routers are good for desktop computers – but if you want to use a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet, you will need to access the internet – therefore, a wireless router is needed. Having a wireless internet router gives you a stronger Wi-Fi connection, and you can extend this range. If you need a boost in your home, you may consider a Wi-Fi extender. Wireless routers allow you to share files between devices connected to the same network and stream your smart TV.

Another benefit of a wireless router is if there are multiple devices or people in your home, a dual-band router allows you to balance the data and avoid outside interference. Also, wireless routers have multiple ports for devices to connect to if needed.

Shop Conn’s HomePlus

Wireless routers are an important part of networking and allow you to connect other devices to the internet without strapping you to a cable. Besides computers, other electronics such as smartphones, game consoles, smart TVs, media streamers, and smart home devices can also access the internet through a wireless router. At Conn’s HomePlus, we offer a variety of wireless routers to choose from. Shop online or visit a local Conn’s HomePlus store today for the best wireless router for your needs.