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Computer Accessories & Software

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Shop Computer Accessories & Software

Get the most out of your computer and keep them functioning to its best ability with computer accessories and computer software. Computer accessories can help make your computer more comfortable, and computer software can protect your computer from developing bad viruses. Be ready for any situation with accessories for all your computing systems from Conn's HomePlus. Whether looking for a new set of headphones, microphone, or Internet Security Software, Conn’s HomePlus has you covered.

Browse our computer accessories and software online, or come into a local Conn’s HomePlus near you to see all our accessories! Apply for credit and buy online today.

Types of Computer Accessories

Keyboards and Mice – keyboards and mice come in wired and wireless options to help you be more productive and comfortable when using your computer. Having a wireless mouse allows you to free up some USB ports. You can find ergonomic mice and keyboards made for comfort and help you type faster and more accurately.

Computer Speakers, Headphones, Microphones, and More – speakers, headphones, and microphones come in many different options that adapt to your work environment or entertainment purposes. No matter the use, there are many options to choose from.

Laptop Accessories – there are different laptop accessories than there are for computers. With your laptop, you can purchase accessories to help you use and transport your laptop when on the go. You can find cooling devices, carrying cases, docking stations, and more.

Computer Cleaning Supplies – caring for your computer will keep it running smoothly and last longer. There are specific supplies created just for computers and laptops to clean. You may find a microfiber cleaning cloth, sprays, and disposable wipes made for LCD screens to clean your computer or laptop. Also, you can find pressurized air cleaners to help clean out keyboards.

Other computer accessories include:

  • • Hard Drives

  • • Mouse Pad

  • • External Hard Drive

  • • Docking Station

  • • USB Flash Drives

  • • Internal Hard Drives

  • • Laptop Batteries

  • • USB Hubs

  • • External Cable

  • • Power Strips

  • • Computer Cases

  • • Computer Monitors

  • • Computer Bags

  • • Memory Card

  • • Webcams

Types of Computer Software

Computer software are programs that help tell a computer what to do. These can be internal instructions such as – updating the system clock or external input from the mouse or keyboard. There are many different software options to help your computer run smoothly.

There are three types of software –

  1. System Software – the computer uses system software or operating system to help decipher different sources so the computer can understand. The operating system directs the computer's hardware components, and there are many different operating systems available. The most popular operating system is Windows, Microsoft, from Vista. Other operating systems include XENIX, HP – UX and AIX, Apache, and IMB.
  2. Application Software – not many people work with operating systems. Still, as a computer user, you know about application software used to interact with the computer. Common application software includes – Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Outlook.
  3. Programming Languages – computer programmers use this kind of software. One way to understand programming languages is to compare them to bricks used to create applications and operating systems. Popular programming languages include C++, Java, and Simlab.

Shop Conn’s HomePlus

Having the right computer accessory can help you be more productive with work, gaming, or entertainment. Also, having the correct computer software can help you navigate your computer quickly and effectively. At Conn’s HomePlus, we offer a variety of computer accessories and software. Stop by a Conn’s HomePlus store today, or shop online.