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Dishwashers for Sale

Whether remodeling your kitchen or just shopping for a new dishwasher, Conn’s HomePlus has many options. Conn’s offers stainless steel dishwashers that give a sleek look and a low-maintenance interior that still offers efficient cycles or a dishwasher with sanitation cycles to ensure you get the maximum disinfecting power of a high-temperature rinse. You also could opt for a 3rd-rack dishwasher to accommodate all those awkward kitchen utensils you’ve had a hard time fitting in your dishwashers in the past.

When looking for the perfect dishwasher, the first step would be to determine how you will be using your dishwasher. How often will you run cycles? Do you want the option to run small loads? Do you want to put large pots and pans in the dishwasher? How important are additional features? Below we will help you determine the best dishwasher for you.

Features and Designs

When looking at dishwashers, you will need to remember the style of your kitchen and the finishes, handles, and control panels already on your appliances. This will greatly impact how your dishwasher ties in with the rest of your kitchen.

Exterior Finishes

Several finishes come with dishwashers. You can choose black, black stainless, white, bisque (off-white), stainless steel, or stainless look. Stainless steel and stainless look give a nice modern look to your kitchen. However, there are some things to remember if this is your route. Real stainless steel is not magnetic and tends to show fingerprints easily. Stainless look finishes are magnetic, more fingerprint resistant, and easy to clean. This may be something to keep in mind if you have children.

Control Panels

The control panels are either on the front (semi-integrated) or hidden on the door's top or edge (fully integrated). Hidden panels give you a cleaner look and keep buttons out of reach. Also, with a hidden panel, you may not always know what stage your dishwasher is at while the cleaning cycle is going. So, for dishwashers that offer the time remaining feature, you may not be able to see this. Some dishwashers have a light beam on the floor that lets you know your dishwasher is still in use or when its cycle is completed – this depends on the model.


The dishwasher handles come in several styles, including pocket, door, and recessed. Pocketed and recessed handles are easier to clean the front of your dishwasher.

Interior Finishes

Interior tubs come in different finishes, such as plastic or stainless steel. Dishwashers with a stainless-steel tub typically cost more than one with a plastic tub. Stainless steel helps lower energy costs because they retain more heat and help the dishes dry faster. They also hold up longer and are odor-resistant, unlike plastic tubs.

Cleaning and Performance

When cleaning and sanitizing, there are some advanced wash options you can choose from:

  • • Wash types including a water wall, rotary spray, or high-pressure jets

  • • Targeted wash areas

  • • Steam clean

  • • Bottle jets

  • • Hard-food dispenser

  • • Built-in water softener

  • • Built-in water heater

Noise Level

To find the quietest dishwasher, you must pay attention to the decibel level. A rating of 45 decibels or lower is just about silent. Decibel levels 45 - 50 are similar to rainfall, and ratings above 50 are similar to the level of a normal conversation.


Some dishwashers have removable racks and adjustable shelves, making it easier to customize your dishwasher to accommodate larger dishes. Also, there is a third rack option, and the third rack lets you lay down flat objects such as oversized utensils. Many dishwashers already come with stemware holders to help hold wine glasses.

Energy Savings

ENERGY STAR® certified dishwashers use less water and energy than a typical dishwasher. If you purchase an ENERGY STAR® certified dishwasher, you may be eligible for local rebates.


Many dishwashers have sensors that help with cleaning, performance, and energy savings. Below are some sensors and functions that you will see:

  • • Soil level sensors that adjust the wash cycle time

  • • Temperature sensors that ensure that the water is at the proper temperature

  • • Water sensors that make sure there is enough water in the machine

  • • Detergent sensors that put out the proper amount of dishwashing liquid during the cycle

  • • Leak sensors that help prevent water damage to your floors

Cycles Dishwashers come with different cycles depending on the type of dishes. These customized washes are for pots and pans and even fine China. Some cycles include:

  • • Delayed Wash – Depending on the model, you can delay the wash from 1 to 24 hours.

  • • Rinse and Hold – rinse the food away on a partial load of dishes to help remove any bacteria or smell without using detergent.

  • • Wash Programs – several wash cycles have custom settings for various things, including stemware, fragile dishes, pots and pans, and oven racks.

  • • Quick Wash – need a load done quickly; use the quick wash cycle on soiled dishes.

  • • Sanitize – a sanitizing rinse helps kill 99.9% of bacteria – this is a good cycle for cutting boards and baby bottles.

Other Features

Other features you may find on different dishwasher models include:

  • • Fan-assisted drying

  • • Heated drying

  • • Smart connectivity

  • • Fingerprint-resistant finishes

Shop Conn’s HomePlus

Whatever you are looking for, the selection at Conn’s HomePlus offers quality dishwasher brands. You can find products that feature stylish LED displays, sanitizing power washes, adjustable racks, flexible configurations, delayed start, quiet operation, and more, so you can be sure to keep your kitchen running smoothly. We carry top brands, including GE, LG, Samsung, and Frigidaire. Shop our selection of top control or front control dishwashers from the top name brands that best suit your needs.

Prequalify online today or stop by a local Conn’s HomePlus store and pick out your new dishwasher for your kitchen. Conn’s HomePlus offers financing options to get what you want!