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*includes appliances $799 and up, electronics $999 and up, and furniture and mattress sets $1999 and up. See Credit Terms.

*Subject to credit approval.

Promotional Purchase (Cash Option): Minimum monthly payments are required to be made each month in the amount agreed to on your Conn's Retail Installment Contract. Finance charges and insurance will accrue from the date of the purchase. Those accrued charges will be refunded upon the occurrence of the following: 1) payment in full of the Promotional Purchase Price prior to the expiration date agreed to on your Conn's Retail Installment Contract.; and 2) all required monthly payments during the promotional period have been made no later than 10 days after their scheduled due date. If either of these requirements is not met in a timely manner, all promotional purchase benefits are forfeited and the annual percentage rate as stated on your Conn's Retail Installment Contract will accrue from the date of purchase. Promotional Purchase Price is defined as the unpaid balances of any invoice(s) financed on your Conn's Retail Installment Contract marked as "Cash Option". See sales associate for details.

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What is Conn's YES MONEY?

YES MONEY is Conn's exclusive in-store financing that makes it fast and easy to get financed. Whether you have good credit, bad credit or even no credit, we say “yes” even when other stores say no*. In fact, we've said “yes” to more than 5 million people.

What are the benefits of Conn's YES MONEY?
  1. Access to 0% APR* (no interest) on select, qualifying purchases
  2. Build your credit history – Your monthly payment is reported by Conn's to three major credit bureaus. When you pay on time, you can build your credit history.
  3. Keep your account current to earn credit limit increases and promotional offers - With Conn's YES MONEY, you will be eligible for consideration of a credit limit increase after only six months, as long as you make your monthly payments on time. Credit line increases may also come with special promotional offers for other items you wish to purchase.
  4. Flexible payment options – We offer a wide variety of options to make it as easy as possible to buy from Conn's. Visit or call 855-354-8840 to learn more.
What kinds of promotional offers am I eligible for with Conn's YES MONEY?

With Conn's YES MONEY, you may be eligible for 0% APR (no interest) for 12 months on select purchases. Items that qualify change monthly depending on store promotions. See store for details.

Will YES MONEY help or hurt my credit score?

YES MONEY can help you build credit and improve your credit score when you manage your account responsibly and make each monthly payment on time.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If you miss a payment, you will immediately lose the 0% APR* special financing offer. Your account will go back to the regular terms and conditions found in your Conn's Retail Installment Contract and you will be charged retroactive interest starting from the date of purchase.

Is the online YES MONEY application safe and secure?

Conn's maintains a secure server certificate to prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information. Our commitment to credit safety means you can get the financing you want without the worry.

What if I've been declined for credit elsewhere?

Even if you've been turned down for credit elsewhere, Conn's lets you say “yes” to the financing you deserve*. Although approval for YES MONEY is subject to a credit check, you can get approved in just a few minutes.

How do I apply?

You can apply for YES MONEY by clicking "Apply for MY YES MONEY" above, by calling 1(855) 354-8840, or in a Conn's HomePlus® store.

If you have additional questions about Conn's YES MONEY financing, you can call one of our credit professionals at 1(855) 354-8840.

*subject to credit approval