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Adjustable Bed Bases

Customize your sleep experience with an adjustable bed frame that caters to your body. Conn’s HomePlus carries a variety of adjustable bed bases to set you up with the personalized, preferable way to go to bed each night. Pick your head position, enjoy a different incline from your partner, prop up when you want to read or watch TV, and more. Each queen-sized adjustable bed truly takes your bedtime to the next level. When you’re ready to make a purchase, talk to us about financing. One of the best reasons to shop at Conn’s HomePlus is that we offer exclusive financing through our YES MONEY® credit program. Even if you have no credit or bad credit, we do everything we can to help you get financed. Apply today, and you can have an answer instantly!*

*Online application only. Subject to credit approval.

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Shop our selection of adjustable bed bases to learn more about the specific models we offer. Enjoy an adjustable bed frame with a 65-degree upright angle, fast response time, and is easy to operate plus durable well into the future. Or, choose a bed frame with infinite adjustable positions, wireless remote control, memory buttons for two memory positions, and optional leg. We also offer a bed base with an adjustable massage feature, wireless remote control, state-of-the-art electronics and virtually unlimited adjustable positions. Explore these beds to see which queen-size adjustable bed base might be right for you!


Isn’t it time to say goodbye to restless nights? You can change your entire sleeping experience with an adjustable mattress base from Conn’s HomePlus. Even if it seems out of your price range, we may be able to help you find financing. Apply today for our YES MONEY® credit program to buy your adjustable base bed, and you can have an answer instantly.* It’s never been easier to build the bedroom of your dreams and look forward to sleep each night. Even if you’ve been turned down elsewhere, we are glad to work with you to see if you can qualify. Are you ready to learn more about getting an adjustable bed added to your home? Contact us today!

*Online application only. Subject to credit approval.


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