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Ever found an unrecognizable, icy block of something you hope was once food in the back of the freezer? Us too. That’s why Conn’s offers quality freezers and appliances equipped to solve your most aggravating food storage and organization problems. From frost-free Frigidaires to roomy chest freezers ready to save your best meals from the brink of badness, say farewell to the days of frostbitten food.

Trusted brands like Avanti, Haier, and Frigidaire let you store and stock food without worry of wasting it or wearing out its shelf life. A selection of upright and chest freezers means there’s one to fit your space, with the features that make the most sense for you, like Energy Star efficiency, high-capacity storage, manual defrost, and Easy Set temperature controls. Available in a variety of styles, find the perfect freezer with a price to match.

Fight freezer burn with Conn's Yes Money credit financing – it’s easy to sign up and saves delicious for another day.


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Yes to low monthly payments you can afford Yes even if you've been turned down before Yes Money can make it happen! At Conn's, credit is just a click away. You can apply and get approved for your Yes Money within minutes