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Can Lease-to-Own Work for You?

The short answer is – YES. An approved lease-to-own transaction gets you products/goods now with each payment bringing you closer to ownership. If you have good credit or you’re building it1, lease-to-own can work for you! You have Lease-to-own choices through Conn’s HomePlus.

Benefits of Leasing to Own

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No or Little Credit Needed1

Whether you have no credit or you are building yours back up, Lease-to-own might be the best option for you to get the products you love into your home now without having to wait.

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No Long-term Commitment2

End your lease-to-own agreement without paying additional cost, fee, or penalty. See your rental purchase agreement or lease agreement with terms for ending your agreement or options to purchase the merchandise.

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Early Purchase Options

Customers can elect to own the merchandise early! By paying one of the Early Purchase Options available in your lease-to-own agreement you can avoid the additional cost of rental.

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