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TV Stands & Entertainment Centers

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You can get the perfect view with a TV stand while watching your favorite movie or sports game. A TV is typically the centerpiece of your home, so to have a TV stand that adds to your décor and functionality is the best. There are several entertainment centers that you can choose from to make a statement in your home. At Conn's HomePlus, we try to ensure a wide variety of TV stands to choose from for your home. Regardless of your TV size or home style, we have something for everyone. But before you choose your next TV stand or entertainment center – know that you have options.

Entertainment Center Types

Having a nice entertainment center is the focal point of your living room. The perfect entertainment center for your home must fit your home décor style. Whether you are interested in consoles, cabinets, or corner stands, TV stands can add flare to your home.

Consoles - are low to the ground and are best for 42” and bigger TVs. A TV media console is a great addition to your home with a good aesthetic and sleek look and storage.

Cabinets – can typically hold TVs up to 60”, provide storage space for electronics and doors that can protect your TV when you are not using it.

Corner Stands – these are great for maximizing space and only fit TVs up to 42”. Corner stands have unique features, such as fireplaces or cabinets with glass doors to store your electronics.

Open Shelf - has an open frame with an exposed shelf underneath where your TV sits, which gives a more modern look and is good for smaller spaces.

Hutch – has additional shelves on top and cabinets underneath that create a frame where your TV will sit.

TV Stand Size Options

Since TVs come in many different sizes, you need to ensure your TV stand will accommodate your TV. If the TV stand is too big, your TV will look smaller and out of place. However, if the stand is too small, it does not give your TV a safe place to sit. Keep in mind, when measuring the TV or TV stand, manufacturers use measurement by diagonal measurement. Most stands will indicate what TVs they are compatible with, but something to keep in mind is that the TV stand should be about 2-3 inches wider than your TV. Below is a list of the minimum stand width based on a TV screen size.

  • • TVs 26-31 inches: 26-28 inches
  • • TVs 32-49 inches: 30-45 inches
  • • TVs 50-54 inches: 46-49 inches
  • • TVs 55-59 inches: 50-53 inches
  • • TVs 60-64 inches: 54-57 inches
  • • TVs 65-69 inches: 58-62 inches
  • • TVs 70+ inches: At least 63 inches

It would be best if you also considered your TV stand's height. You do not want the stand to be too tall and not have a good viewing angle, and you should be at eye level with the center of your TV.

Shop TV Stands at Conn’s HomePlus

After a long day, it is enjoyable to unwind with your favorite movie or TV show. Choosing your TV stand is an important part of your TV viewing, positioning, and height while keeping clutter at bay and storing DVD players, game consoles, and sound systems. When shopping for your next TV stand or entertainment center, shop for Conn’s HomePlus.