What Size Television Should I Buy?

If you’re an average American adult, you’re probably going to take this news sitting down — likely on the couch or in an easy chair, with a remote in your hand: You’re watching more than five hours of television per day, according to the latest research.

That’s a lot of tube time! It computes to more than 20 percent of your life. If you’re going to dedicate that much time to taking in the latest must-see miniseries, movies and sports, then getting the best-quality picture possible is a no-brainer.

Some key factors that determine picture quality are TV size, TV distance and resolution (which measures the degree of detail visible in an image). Many people wonder, “What size TV should I buy?” Some also worry about whether they’re sitting too close, and whether that’s bad for their eyes.

There’s a science to determining the best TV screen size for each room. The ideal TV size for your living room may be different than for the bedroom, so how your furniture is set up and how far it is from where the TV will go are important to know before you go shopping.

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