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Pearl Design System

The Pearl Design System serves as the single source of truth for the visual presentation of the Conn’s HomePlus brand on our Magento platform. It aims to improve product consistency and team efficiency by consolidating assets and workflows between all departments.



Our Current Challenges

As our product team grows, its processes become more difficult to manage. Without a standardized workflow or toolkit, the team’s inefficiencies and inconsistencies will eventually work their way back into the product.

In short, a well maintained and prioritized design system can help solve our current challenges.

Challenge #1
Inconsistencies across features and products

UX inconsistencies reduces the user’s efficiency, which devalues the product. Product inconsistency is nearly impossible to resolve until the company’s workflows are first addressed.

Challenge #2
Lack of centralized assets

Because different design teams use different tools that don’t always integrate, nobody can truly guarantee that the right assets are all being used in projects at any given time.

Challenge #4
Widening knowledge gaps between product teams

Without a “single source” of assets and best practices, different teams work off different guidelines and assumptions. Over time, product inconsistency is inevitable.

Challenge #4
Inefficient processes lead to repetitive or wasted work

Without a common toolkit for design and development, one-off solutions and repetitive work drain a team’s efficiency.


Let’s dive in!

Using a psuedo-atomic design methodology, we started with the foundation of the Conn’s Homeplus Design System Language, and continually added upon that to form reusable patterns that were turned into Magento Admin Page Builder Blocks. These blocks are the bread and butter of all landing pages.


These elements make of the base of the Conn’s HomePlus design language.

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Library Components

Using the foundational design language, these elements make up the smallest components in the system. They are managed via the code base.

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Page Builder Blocks

Using the library components, these elements are full banner blocks. They are managed via the Magento Admin side.

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Templates & Pages

Using the page builder blocks, the team is able to create reusable templates and pages.

Check out our latest Conn’s HomePlus homepage to see the design system in use!
Check out our latest
Conn’s HomePlus homepage
to see the design system in use!