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Gaming TVs & Monitors

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Buy Gaming TVs and Monitors

In the world of gaming, screen resolution and performance is everything. You want all the details to shine brightly and accurately no matter what game you are playing. The best gaming monitor makes a big difference, whether you are playing individually, socially, or even in a tournament. At Conn's HomePlus, we have gaming monitors with high resolution and offer some of the best models. Choose from any size and resolution that fits your gaming needs.

Visit your local Conn's HomePlus or prequalify for credit and take home the right gaming monitor today.

What to Look for in a Gaming Monitor

Want to buy a gaming monitor but don't know where to start? First, you must determine which features are important to you - some gaming monitor features include:

  • • Screen Size and Resolution

  • • Refresh Rate

  • • Response Time

  • • Panel Types

  • • FreeSync and G-Sync

  • • Color

  • • Build Quality

  • • Ports

  • • Price

All these features are important - but depending on your needs will depend on which order of importance. Some important things to consider when picking out your new gaming monitor is:

  1. Refresh Rate - it is recommended that you do not purchase a monitor with a refresh rate of less than 120 Hz. This means 1080p - or if you can go higher 1440p.
  2. Response Time - No more than 3ms.
  3. G-Sync or FreeSync - Having an adjustable refresh rate helps sync FPS and gives the refresh rate a smooth gaming experience.
  4. HDR - This is completely optional - HRD is not always supported.
  5. Panel Technology - IPS panel has advanced over the last few years, giving you good color with a high refresh rate. With that said, gamers often use TN panels because of the quick response and low input lag.

Choosing Screen Size and Resolution

When buying a new monitor, you may think that the larger screen, the better the quality. This may be true for entertainment televisions, but gamers find that 24" - 27" in screen size is the best for gaming. Generally, you will be sitting 3 - 4 feet from the screen - so having a smaller screen size will allow you to see everything at once. With that being said - larger monitors are becoming more popular in the gaming community. Larger monitors give great levels of entertainment and engagement. Remember - the bigger the screen - the bigger the price tag.

This will be determined by your PC's GPU and how big your pocketbook is for resolution. If you want a higher resolution, this will come with a higher price tag. Typically, 1080p is a common resolution with most gamers. But as new games come out, and PC technology is advancing, you can see 1440p and 4K gaming monitors becoming standard for the everyday gamer.

Remember that switching from 1080p to 1440p or 4K will impact the PC's performance. This will greatly impact the overall performance by reducing the time the frames on your PC will drive in any game.

Below are some common gaming monitor sizes with their resolutions -

  • • 1080p - 24 - 27 inches - the most common and can work with many gaming setups.

  • • 1440p - 27 inches - not as common and will need mid to high-end hardware.

  • • 4K - 27+ inches - least common and will need the best hardware.

  • • 8K - 32+ inches - while this is still developing, you will need the best hardware when 8K games become available.

Shop Conn's HomePlus

Are you looking to get excellent graphics without low frame rates and input lag? Conn's HomePlus has a variety of gaming monitors such as Acer, HP OMEN, LG, and MSI Optix. We have options including HD, G Sync compatible, and HDR gaming monitors available to meet the needs of any gamer. It is important to have the best - so while you are shopping for a gaming monitor, you may consider upgrading your gaming chair and gaming PC to enhance your gaming experience, especially if you are into competitive gaming. Check out our gaming monitor deals online or stop by a local Conn's HomePlus store today.