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Portable Air Conditioners

At Conn’s HomePlus, we offer portable air-conditioning units that you can move from room to room, some of which also provide heat for year-round comfort. Designed by the top-quality Friedrich brand, these products provide effective and reliable air conditioning for your home or office. If you don’t have central air or simply want to switch it off to save on energy use at certain times of the year, a portable air conditioner could be your solution. Keeping comfortable indoors can be easier, and more economical, with a portable air conditioner that you can trust.

There are no products matching the selection.

Choose a room air conditioner to match your space needs. Bigger rooms, rooms that get a lot of sunlight and rooms regularly occupied by more than two people need a unit with a higher BTU rating. (BTU stands for British thermal unit, which measures thermal energy.)

All our portable air conditioners have timers and remote controls. Shop our full selection of portable air conditioners and find the right option for the area you need cooled.